Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My first blog

My name is Daniela, my favorite movie is LOS PIRATAS DEL CARIBE. I study in Tito Puente School, My ESL teacher is ms. KING. I live in Manhattan, I have 5 friends Emely, Roxana, Frances, Claudia and Sharon.

I love the boys they make me crazy JUST SOMETIMES.
My favorite song is ONE WISH.. Because I have One wish to make somebody my husband. I have 14 year old. I am from the Dominican Republic... My favorite words are "PEOPLE CAN TALKING THEY CAN SAY WANT THEY LIKE I don't worry because everything is going to be alright".Remember boys make me crazy.........


Melissa said...

Your first blog is very good. I also like that song "One Wish". Do you know who sings it?

Daniela said...

Thank ms melissa.. I also like your your page.